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Business owners should spend their time running their enterprise, not performing mundane tasks. Payroll is one of those critical business functions that must be done correctly, but that doesn’t mean it has to be completed by the business owner. Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services offers outsourced payroll services to businesses in the Vancouver area. 

We understand how an owners’ time is a precious resource, and by taking care of the payroll, we are supporting the business’ success. Our founder alone has over 30 years’ experience delivering expert accounting and back-office processes. With our team of accounting professionals, firms in any industry can trust us to handle their payroll needs. 

Supporting Your Enterprise

Laws concerning employee wages, taxes, and withholdings are stringent, requiring detailed recordkeeping and reporting. Businesses can face substantial fines if they are not compliant. Furthermore, efficient and consistent payroll functions are essential to keeping employees happy and engaged. Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services offers the full range of services to fulfill all payroll needs. We customize the payroll process according to the number of employees, the preexisting accounting processes, and any other unique factors.

Efficient Payroll Services 

Our services are comprehensive. This frees owners from the countless hours running payroll, printing checks, or completing menial data entry. We keep our clients compliant with all state and federal policy and utilize secure systems to protect clients from fraud. All checks are printed according to Federal Reserve standards and are delivered on time. Clients benefit from detailed payroll reporting, allowing them to track employee data precisely. We create clear tax reports and recommend ways to reduce those taxes, when applicable. 

We also offer the following with our payroll:

-    Payroll Records Cleanup
-    W-2, W-3, 1096, 1099 Processing
-    New Hire Reporting
-    Payroll Audits
-    Workers’ Compensation

The Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services Difference

We stand by our clients day in and day out. Whenever there’s an issue with payroll, our team is ready to troubleshoot the problem. We focus on excellence in our services, so clients never have to worry about the quality of our work. As their business grows or experiences difficulties, we will do what we can to protect their financial stability.  

Contact Our Accountants in Vancouver For a Consultation 

Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services is passionate about small business accounting. We understand how to use our payroll expertise to support our clients’ overall financial success. Whether you are looking to set up payroll functions for the first time, or your business needs to streamline existing processes, call us to schedule a one-on-one consultation.  

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