Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Preparation and Planning in Vancouver 

With the upcoming tax season, it can be overwhelming to find the time to accurately fill out and file your taxes. If you also happen to be a business owner, there are variety of state and federal forms that are unique to your business and industry which can further complicate your tax return. At our Vancouver CPA office, Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services provides tax preparation and planning services for our small business clients for accurate, complete tax filing. 

The Importance of Tax Planning and Preparation

For individual income tax returns, one may be able to file within the coming months before April 15th. However, it can be frustrating for business owners to stay on top of required forms to file. These forms are based on industry regulations, employee benefits, and even your business structure. For an inexperienced filer, it can be difficult. Failure to file on time, or filing important documents with errors, can lead to audits and penalties by the IRS and state department of revenue. 

At Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services we help you properly prepare your documents accurately and on time. We develop a comprehensive approach that takes into account your enterprise and business plan, as well as strategies that can accurately convey your business’ current financial standing. Through these adaptive strategies we take a look at every facet of your company and understand your operations and accounting processes. Our Vancouver tax professionals can identify areas of important tax credit and deduction opportunities that can reduce or offset any existing tax liabilities. 

Tax Preparation and Planning in Vancouver 

Tax preparation calls for taking into account your businesses operations throughout the year. Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services works with a variety of personal service small businesses and Vancouver construction companies, being mindful of each client’s specific tax situation. Our tax accountants prepare accurate and timely returns, then file them electronically. 

Developing key tax planning strategies can legally reduce your tax liabilities and lower your risk of audits by the IRS and state authorities. By prioritizing time to tax planning throughout the year with our Vancouver tax professionals, you can spend time focusing on running your business. We take the time to really listen to your concerns and develop a long-term working relationship. Rely on Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services for year-round tax preparation and planning and to develop tax saving strategies that can be implemented into your existing business plan. 

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Addvantage Accounting & Tax Services is dedicated to helping small to medium sized businesses achieve financial success. Contact our Vancouver CPA firm to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and learn more about our tax preparation and planning services for individuals and their businesses. 

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